Day 27 – The Ocean was Angry my Friends…

ocean Today’s Reading 2 Kings 4:38 – 2 Kings 15:26

We don’t always get it right. We try…we really really do. Yet, time and time again we find ourselves falling short. Intentions are one thing but actions are what we often use to judge others and ourselves. Take for instance the weather forecasters.

All throughout the Northeast, we were told to prepare for w Winter Storm that would being devastating. All throughout Philadelphia and New Jersey, travel bans were enacted, schools were closed, and businesses were shut down as people prepared to fight off the blizzard. I woke up this morning and saw nothing like I expected.

The roads are pretty clear. The travel bans are being lifted and soon life will go back to normal. They tried, they really really did. they just missed this forecast. Now I know, there are parts of New England that will be continued to be blasted snow wise. Yet for a large part of the area that was supposed to be impacted we escaped the storm.

Some of the Israelite kings tried as well. We read today of a few that really did try to follow the laws of God. Yet we are reminded that they ignored some areas, often times the altars in the high places that were used to sacrifice to other gods. Those places were often still in use and while the kings didn’t notice them God did. They perhaps were trying to be men of integrity but were falling short.

What places in our lives are we missing? Are there areas in our life that we are ignoring while we focus in on other things? What can we do about that? Is there trouble looming for us in the high places of our lives?

Take some time today while you are snowed in, if you are, and do some self-evaluation. Try and identify those area in your life that you may be lying to yourself about. For Seinfeld Fans, we may remember the many exploits of George Costanza. His failure to really see himself and not be a man of integrity often put himself in bad spots.

Don’t let the angry oceans swirl in your life. Don’t let the high areas go unattended.


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