Day 26 – And then there was snow!

beach Today’s Reading 1 Kings 16:21 – 2 Kings 4:37 This picture is my view from the balcony of my room in Long Branch this morning. I am gathered with many colleagues for the Bishop’s convocation for the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference. This will be a time of learning and fellowship for us over the next couple of days. We are gathering together as the world around us prepares for a storm of epic proportion (according to the weather forecasts). We will be talking about the “coach approach to ministry”. Learning how to come alongside the laity and help them uncover their gifts and passions for helping God transform the world. Sounds interesting and sounds like it may be a good way to help people find the story they are being called to tell. I am looking forward to it. It seems as if this approach to ministry is similar to what we read about in the chapters of the Bible this morning. The relationship of Elijah and Elisha can be seen as one of a “coach approach to ministry”. Elijah is walking with Elisha and helping him see God’s call. Elisha is also discovering his own uniques set of God given gifts. It seems as if real ministry and effective ministry can happen when the people of God are spending time listening to and being in communication with each other in an effort to seek God’s will. Be safe. Be warm. Spend time with God.


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