Day 25 – The Siege Continues


Today’s Reading 1 Kings 7:38 – 1 Kings 16:20

Can you imagine what it is like for Cameron Fleming? What you don’t know who he is? Well he is a rookie lineman for the New England Patriots. He has probably had dreams his whole life to get into the Super Bowl and his first year he made it. What an accomplishment!

However, for the last week I am sure he hasn’t had much celebration happening. He has found himself embroiled in “Deflategate”. From all media accounts he is part of the Evil Empire. Every newscast he sees and every newspaper he reads is wall to wall coverage of his team and the scandal. I bet he is getting tired of it already.

Who can blame him really?  All your life you work and train to get to a point and the memory is being tarnished. I thought a lot about Cameron Fleming the last day or so and a whole bunch of other nameless and faceless Patriots. The focus is so intense that I almost feel bad for those players and I can’t STAND the Patriots.

Let’s be honest for a second, whether the deflating of balls is the Patriots doing or not, people like Cameron Fleming had nothing to do with it. Yet, his reputation could be impacted by whatever is decided. Is it fair? Nope. Is it reality? Yup. So what do we take from it?

When I read today’s reading I couldn’t help but think of the nameless and faceless Israelites. King after King directed the people away from God. We look at that period of Israelite history as a time when the people turned from God. That unfaithfulness becomes their heritage and their legacy. Yet, God’s words remind us of something very important.

God held the kings responsible as he did Jehu. those who lead and teach are called to do so as God leads them. They are called to live lives beyond reproach. They are called to help raise up a generation of people committed to God and changing the world. We are all human and we all sin. However, leaders more than any other, are called to repent and look not for their own gain but God’s glory to be done.

Maybe Bill Belicheck needs to think about the Cameron Flemings of the world a little more. Maybe we all do.


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