Day 24 – On this Episode of All My children


Today’s Reading 2 Samuel 22:19 – 1 Kings 7:37

You remember her don’t you? For decades she ran amok all throughout Pine Valley. It did not matter whether you were her friend or self pronounced foe. What Erica Kane wanted it seemed Eric Kane would get. She loved hard and hated harder. She tried to being a little glamour to family dysfunction.

Make no mistake there was a lot of dysfunction. Perhaps that was part of the appeal of shows like All My children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital (can you tell I was an ABC Soap guy). These shows brought some excitement and intrigue to what we all know is petty strife and family discord. We could see ourselves in the struggle and we root for people like Erica Kane, Adam Chandler, or Monica Quartermaine to dispense needed justice.

We eventually all learn that life is not Soap Opera, or is it? Reading these chapters in the bible this morning, I was reminded of Pine Valley, Llanview, and Port Charles and the problems those families had. The chapters this morning were about power, pride, and money. They spoke to the lengths people would go to to get what they wanted.

Whether we are reading the bile or watching soap operas, I think we need to remember a few things. The first, that no matter what people matter more than stuff. It seems as if we get caught up too easily in a generation long exercise in “money rules”. Jesus has an answer for that. The second, that people always matter more than things. We were created to be in relationship with each other not to gather things.

As I read those chapters, I was encouraged by God’s faithfulness. I was struck by Solomon’s desire for wisdom. I was also reminded that even faithful people like Solomon do dumb things. So my goal today, don’t do too many dumb things.

Not Erica Kane worthy… but I will take it!


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