Day 20 of reading leads to Risky Behavior


Today’s Reading1 Samuel 2:30 – 1 Samuel 15:35

Every day we begin with a series of choices staring at us about the day ahead. Those choices we make all have a consequences attached to them. These consequences could be negative or positive or perhaps even neutral. So we wake up each day with risks ahead.

Learning how to mitigate those risks becomes very important. For Christians, what we learn when we read these stories in the bible is how important the choice of obedience is for us. We see examples in 1 Samuel of what happens when people are not obedient and faithful to God. When choices that are made are counter to what God wants and desires for us.

Being obedient to God is something that must be chosen and lived out each and every day. Over time with prayer and practice it can become a habit. The question becomes are we willing to do the work necessary for it to become a habit? Are we willing to make choices not for immediate gratification but instead decisions that are faithful and pleasing to God?

Living is Risky enough…let’s lessen the risk. Let’s follow God.


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