Weak and the Strong on Day 18


Today’s Reading Judges 3:27 – Judges 15:12

Not much to say today, just a simple thought. today’s reading included the story of Gideon and part of the story of Samsom. Two more different “heros” we shall never meet. Gideon, when we meet him is a little whiny and perhaps even manipulative. Samson is brash and arrogant with no concern for human life.

Yet, God used them both in mighty ways. I assume you are like me and have struggled with issues of self-doubt on occasion. Perhaps you feel as if you do not measure up to those around you. Maybe you feel you are part of the “terrible toos”:

Too old

Too young

Too rich

Too poor

Too white

Too black

Too gay

Too straight

Too Methodist

Too Catholic

Too Agnostic

you get the point.

Gideon’s story should be a trumpet call (see what i did there) to you. God knows you and still has a great plan for you. But don’t get feeling so good about yourself that you catch the other part of the “terrible toos”:

too arrogant

too prideful

too boastful

too angry

too resentful

Again, you get the picture.

Go can use you too. However, God also will work to show you some humility and compassion. We are all valuable and worthy in the eyes of God.


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