17 reasons why – or maybe just a couple


Today’s Reading Joshua 15:1 – Judges 3:27

We have all seen them or perhaps even participated in them. The selfie phenomenon is continuing to grow, What started out as a teenage girl activity has spread through the world like wildfire. Men and women of all ages now find themselves getting into the selfie craze. It has gotten so pervasive that there are now products being created to help people take selfies:


What is the obsession?

What is the point?

What are we really saying about ourselves? 

I think what we are seeing here is similar to what the people of Israel were dealing with as we read the book of Judges. The Israelites were focused on themselves. They wanted to be happy and content. They were doing everything they could to ensure that happiness.

However, they neglected to cate how their happiness was impacting others. They also were seemingly not concerned whether their actions were pleasing to God. God’s reaction to the Israelite “selfie” craze was to put powerful kings in their way as opposition. God continued to try to get the Israelites attention.

So perhaps it is time to put down the “selfie stick” and look around. Who are you trying to please? Is it you? Are your actions and attitudes directed towards bringing you and you alone pleasure? I think it is time for change.

Here is a few ways, not quite 17, to bring the focus away from your “selfie” and back towards pleasing God today.

1. Put the phone down and pick up a bible.

2. Drop the phone from your hands and fold them together and pray.

3. Put the phone down and go help someone.

4. Turn the phone app off and call someone you haven’t seen in a while and tell them you are praying for them

5. Put the phone down and spend time with your family and friends.

6. Put the phone away and spend time enjoying the beautiful creation God has provided.

7. Put the phone down and go read a classic book

Just a few ideas. There are so many others. But whatever you do, find ways to please God.



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