16 days in – Let’s Talk about Secrets


Today’s Reading Joshua 1:1 – Joshua 14:15

Psst, I want to tell you a secret…

Secrets can kill ya. Now don’t get me wrong, being able to trust people with a secret can be affirming. Knowing that there is someone you can trust with something that can be harmful or embarrassing to you is a great feeling. Everyone should have people in their lives like that.

However, there are some secrets that we won’t share or feel we can’t share. We hold on to them and try to carry the burden alone. The weight of the secret can become unbearable. Keeping the secret secret can become a full-time job. It can dominate our time and energy.

Achan had such a secret. He disobeyed God. He hid what he did from everyone but God knew. Achan’s secret destroyed his whole family once it came out. The thing about secrets is that carrying them has a price. The question becomes are we willing to pay it?

So if everyone has secrets and we realize they can be dangerous, what do we do?

1st: Trust God

God can handle it. Whatever it is. Share your burden and lighten your load.

2nd: Be honest with yourself

You can’t fool yourself nor can you fool God. Start with that and it will make everything easier.

3rd: Learn who to count on

Everyone needs people that they can share their ups and downs AND secrets. Find people like that.

3 Simple things. None of them earth shattering. However, they can help you avoid Achan’s sin.


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