And on the 15th Day – They had a History Test


Today’s Reading Deuteronomy 23:13 – Deuteronomy 32:14

College is about to start back up for the semester. Throughout the tow, the young people are coming back to campus. They are settling in to dorms and preparing themselves for what is about to happen this semester. A last trip to the supermarket and perhaps the bookstore and they will be ready to go.

But are they really ready? Have they gotten everything that they need and are they ready for the classes, professors, and assignments ahead? There is really one way to know that and that is to go experience it. Preparation is important and often times vital to our success. However, it is in the actual doing that we see how that preparation has paid off.

One final thing we can do to  understand if we are prepared and that is to look back at history. How have we performed in the past? What have we done that has brought us success or failure in the past? What have we seen others done that have brought them success? There are many questions that we can look at and try to help us prepare for what lies before us.

Looking back at how they got to where they are is exactly where Moses finds himself in the final chapters of Deuteronomy. Moses and the Israelites had been on a long journey. They had seen the highs and the lows. Together they had been witnesses to the power of God. Now was time for the next step, the journey forward.

Moses is honoring the past and using it to prepare the people as they go into the unknown. The testing isn’t over and the lessons will continue. They will bring the lessons with them into the promised land and allow those lessons to assist them.

Prepare yourself…a test is coming…are you ready?


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