14 days have taught us one thing


Today’s Reading Deuteronomy 8:1 – Deuteronomy 23:11

I am not very strong, but even I can tear a piece of paper. Yet, something happens as more and more paper is added to the pile. Eventually it becomes too much for me to tear. This is the reality for every one of us. The number of pieces of paper that is needed will be different but at some point we all hit the limit. It becomes too big a task to handle on our own.

The good news for us is that even when we have reached the limit, proverbially or literally, we are not alone. Moses’ speech to the Israelites, as they stood at the precipice of the promised land, could just as easily be directed towards us. Moses reminded the people no matter where they went or where they might find themselves that God was with them.

However, for that not to be just another cliché we must really try an understand what that may mean for us. What does “God is with me” look like? Does it really make any difference? Is there any benefit for me? These are questions that we should look at closely.

    “God is with me”

For me, this has always meant that I need to open my eyes and look beyond, over, around, and often through whatever I am dealing with. When I am able to do that I will find the strength, comfort, and peace that comes from God. My mind and spirit will be refreshed and I will find strength to continue.

Does it really make any difference?

I think the biblical story is filled with the answer to that question. Abraham, Moses, Isaac, Jacob, Ruth, and David are just a few examples of people for who God’s presence made a real difference. I think if we are truthful we can all pinpoint times in our own loves where that has been the case as well.

Is there any benefit for me?

I think that yes there is a benefit but at times it may not be clearly evident. However, as I read the chapters of Deuteronomy this morning, I once again was reminded of the benefit. God provides. He provides comfort. God provides resources. God provides people. God provides hope. The benefit is that in whatever circumstance God has brought us to or we find ourselves in, we will find what God has provided for us for that moment.

We are not alone. God is with us. And that is a great thing.


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