On the 13th day – We Teach them up


Today’s Reading : Numbers 32:20 – Deuteronomy 7:26

I come from a family that seemingly has teaching in it’s bloods. Teachers and nurses and others who have spent much of their adult life instructing others in many different ways. In many ways this has shaped my views on the world. It has also helped me learn to see the importance of telling stories.

One way to teach and to lead people is to help them learn the story they share and to help them learn to tell it. An area in which we often fail the younger generation is by letting others help them mold and form their story and not trying to be part of that very important process. Story telling is a vital part of who we are. We all have a story to tell and we all need others to help us shape that story.

Moses stood before the people of Israel and once again reminded them of their journey together. They stood at the precipice of the promised land and now they needed one final story telling lesson. Moses reminded them of where they had been and where they were now. He offered them one last story.

Are we taking the time to tell our story to others? Do we take the time to help others in their own storytelling? The answers to these questions become the key to whether we will have success as a family, community, and church. When we learn to tell the story we can start to live out that story more and more each day.

Moses wasn’t going to complete the trip into the promised land, his part was winding up. So he powerfully reminded the Israelites of the important moments both good and bad they shared. These stories would resonate in their hearts and minds and they would be able to share them with future generations. In the retelling, the journey they shared remained alive.

As we continue reading the bible in #90days, let’s once again relive this story together.


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