Day 12- Lost in the Fog


Today’s Reading : Numbers 21:8 – Numbers 32:19

We have all had the experience of traveling in a fog. It can be very disorientating. What do we see and what don’t we see? Hearing sounds in the fog can be a little disconcerting as well. Some sounds are amplified and others are muffled. For many, fog is simply not fun.

As I read these passages in the Old Testament, I must admit that I often feel as if I am in a fog. These passages are not clear to me in the fog that is created through context, time, and culture. I struggle to see the shape of God and hear the voice of God while I read these chapters.

So sitting in the fog, I have decisions to make. I choose God. I choose the fact that no matter what I see and what I read that God is alive and is not leaving me to my own devices in the fog. For that, I am eternally grateful. So, together with God, I seek direction.

Today there is no deep insight or witty stories to make a point. Today there is simply trust. I trust God. I do not always trust the storytellers. I trust God more than I will trust people’s motives and justifications.

I have nothing more this morning to say….I think I am going to go pray.


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