Day 11 – Getting Frustrated


Today’s Reading : Numbers 8:5 – Numbers 21:7

Haven’t we all been there? Tired? Spent? Frustrated? Even a little angry? Wondering to ourselves whether any of it was worth it? I think, at one point or another, most of us have been there. Struggling to figure out whether anyone has been paying even a little bit of attention.

Moses was there. “We are hungry”.  “We are thirsty”. “Why did you bring us here just to die in the desert”? He had heard it all before and he had reached his breaking point. He was tired of being a scape goat. He was tired of being challenged. Perhaps, he was even tired of God not acting as quickly as Moses wanted him to act. He had had enough,

So can we really blame him? Here he was again…standing before the rock. God’s commands were pretty clear…”speak to the rock and it will produce water”. As the scene is presented, we can feel the frustration grow. Moses, wants to put a little emphasis to this. He wants the Israelites to know and God to know, this is getting old. Moses strikes the rock twice, and to paraphrase that great sitcom, Seinfeld… “No Promised land for you!”.

What rock is standing between you and God’s promises today? Are you struggling to see God’s blessings because you can’t see past the obstacles (rock) in your own life? Take some time today and do what Moses perhaps should have done. Take a deep breath. Say a prayer. Ask God for strength and move forward in trust.

Maybe it really can be that easy. Are you ready to try?


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