Day 10 – It’s all in the Details


Today’s Reading : Leviticus 26:27 – Numbers 8:4

We had just finished a Little League All Star Game and we were celebrating at Don and Bert’s Custard Stand in Paulsboro. I waited in line and was so excited .I thought Don and Bert’s had the best cheeseburgers and fries. I couldn’t wait. I got my order and before anyone could “steal” my food, I ran off to the car. I climbed into the station wagon and started chowing down.

Soon, I began to hear laughs from outside the car. I didn’t stop to see what was so funny because my burger was so good. Eventually I couldn’t help but notice almost every teammate was surrounding the car I was in. and laughing I stopped eating long enough to roll down the window and see what was so funny. It was hard to discern through the laughing but it seemed as if I was not in the coach’s car. In  fact, I was not in any car that was from the team. I was chowing down in a total stranger’s car.

I was so intent on getting to my meal that I missed the very important detail of whose car I was getting into. I became so focused on what I thought the end result should be that I lost track of my reality on the journey. It seemed as if my planning stopped as soon as I could smell the burger and fires in the bag I was holding. I had lost perspective.

The Israelites were headed to the promised land but they needed a plan. There were a lot of people that needed to have some organization and some idea of what the expectations were going to be for them. The first chapters in the book of Numbers we begin to see those details develop. We see where they will stay and what some responsibilities will be for them.

As we read through these chapters it is easy to miss the importance and to plow right through them. Yet, it is in the details that are being laid out that we see the community starting to get some real foundation. We see how the plans made in the present can lead to a successful future.

It is those details and that planning that can ensure that the car you are in as you are eating your long-awaited burger is in fact the car you are supposed to be in.

It’s all in the Details!


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