Day 9 – Danger!


Today’s Reading : Leviticus 14:33 – Leviticus 26:26

I remember the moment that my life was no longer going to be the same. It was about 3 a..m. and I was in some unknown, to me, part of Oklahoma. I was awakened by yelling and doors slamming. I was lying down on a top bunk and the next thing I knew I was standing at attention as several men were screaming in my face. Army basic training had started.

There are several rules for basic training but I think that the one that resonates with me as I read the chapters in Leviticus this morning was separation. Part of the design in basic training is to isolate you from everything that you know and retrain you. The army then tries to impart upon you the values and skill set that you will need to be the person that they need you to be.

As Moses was continuing to lead his people, God was giving them a window. It was a window that allowed them to see how those outside the community lived. This behavior was what God was deeming dangerous and unhealthy for the survival of the Israelite community. God was helping them create the skill set they needed to be vital in their new environment.

It is very important for us to see the world as it is, both good and bad. It is in the seeing at the world that we can find ways to engage in the world and live in the world as God has called us to live.The world God has created is beautiful and made to enjoy but can also be dangerous if we are not aware. So we find ourselves in this delicate place where we need to understand and live in but not be totally transformed from the world. Yet we also need to ensure that we do not isolate ourselves from the world either.

So, open your eyes and your ears. See and listen what the world is doing and saying. At the same time, look and listen to what God is doing and saying. God desires the best for us and has given us the best. The question is simply what will you give to God.


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