Day 8 – It’s Messy Business


Today’s Reading : Leviticus 1:1 – Leviticus 14:32

If I have learned anything in my 48 plus years in life it is that community is messy. When you get a couple of people together trying to accomplish anything the one thing you can be certain of is that it is not going to be simple. Two people often means at least two different ideas or sets of priorities. As you continue to add people to the mess that happens due to the mix from he number of ideas and priorities increases exponentially.

Moses and Aaron and God are dealing with just that fact as we move on into the book of Leviticus. The Israelites have moved on to a new place in their journey from captivity to freedom in God. As they continue, God is establishing the expectations of the new community. There will be problems and there will be sin and God is acknowledging that fact.

For some people, establishing rules and standards are walls that inhibit people and make life oppressive.  I was reading “Orthodoxy” by G.K. Chesterton today and he spoke about this idea. He was speaking about Christian doctrine, which can be defined as rules and standards. He said, “Doctrine may be walls, but it is the walls of a playground”. I love this!

The Israelites needed the walls set up but within the protection of the walls they were allowed to play and enjoy life. It is the same with us. We have standards and rules and laws that we are called to live by. These laws are established by government, church, family, business. However these standards help us to create community. Within those standards and laws there is still lots of time to play and enjoy.

So enjoy the mess as you strive towards community. Live a life of freedom that comes from knowing that freedom comes from knowing and walking with God.


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