Day 6 – Some Serious Clowning Around


Today’s Reading : Exodus 15:19 – Exodus 28:43

As I read through the chapters in Exodus this morning I couldn’t help but think  about clowns. Over the last 18 months or so we have been enmeshed in a process at Glassboro Methodist Church. This process is something we have come to know as the C.L.O.W.N. Squad. C.L.O.W.N. is an acronym that stands for Creatively Loving Our Wonderful Neighbors. The main thrust of this has been the idea of community. We all want it and we all need it.

Community and relationship is something that we all seek. The only question is what type of community and relationship are we going to seek? At the heart of our conversation we focused on the fact that everybody matters and everybody is worthy because we are ALL children of God. Having the identity of a child of God is something that changes everything or at least should.

In Exodus this morning we read about laws, commands, and plans. We know some of these laws as the 10 Commandments. Others of them might not have been as familiar. However, as I read I couldn’t help but think of the world today. We are in such disarray. We have demonstrations, violence, civil unrest, and anger pervasive it seems.

These chapters in Exodus are God’s plan to help elevate us. It is God’s way, through Moses, to once again remind us that we matter…we ALL matter. My eye is as valuable as yours. Your oxen is as valuable as mine. Take care of your parents and value the stranger. These seem to be basic things and perhaps not worth mentioning at first glance.

Instead, this is the exact thing the Israelites needed to hear. God was sharing his vision with them. They were in the midst of a journey of epic proportions. Their life would be different but they were unsure what it would and should look like. God was laying down the foundation.

As we look at our world, we too are on an epic journey. We are moving forward together and the question becomes where are we headed and what will we look like when we get there. If we go back to the basics and remember how valued we all are in God’s eyes, we can begin to recapture that idea of real community and relationship.

So let’s start clowning around…together!


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