Day 5 – Power Up


Today’s Reading : Exodus 1:1 – Exodus 15:19

I have been watching my youngest son play a lot of Super Mario recently. As I was reading through the first 15 chapters of Exodus this morning, I could not help but think a lot about Mario and his brother Luigi. There are a lot of life lessons to be learned from those two.

Mario and Luigi, find themselves in many different crazy situations. They explore different worlds and encounter different trouble. The brothers work together to accomplish goals and to move on to the next level. However, reality sets in for them both and after a series of mishaps Luigi and/or Mario die. Yet, something magical happens in the game. If you are playing the right version of the game, Luigi and Mario have unlimited power ups. In other words, the brothers are unstoppable together!

I though a lot about Mario and Luigi as I read this morning because of the brothers. Aaron and Moses were the ancient precursors for Mario and Luigi. They worked together as a fine tuned machine. Moses did not believe he could do what God was calling him to do so God told him to rely on Aaron. Together, with the power of God, they went face to face with Pharaoh and won.

We all need a Luigi or Aaron in our lives. Someone who can help us wrestle with what God is calling us to do. Someone who is there to face off against whatever giants may come. A person to walk with us through the ups and downs.

Our Luigi will be a person who brings power to us when we are beaten down. It will be a person who will not let us wallow in the murk and mire alone. The great news is we get to play the role of Luigi for that person as well. This relationship is mutually beneficial.

God has something he is trying to help us see. Perhaps it is some journey we need to go on. Maybe it is something we need to stand up to or someone we need to stand up for. Whatever it is, God is also going to provide our Aaron or Luigi for the trip. So keep moving and keep your eyes open, your power up is coming.


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