Day 4 – Look Around you


Today’s Reading : Genesis 40:12 – Genesis 50:26

Watching a child experience something for the very first time is an amazing thing. The wonder and excitement that they exhibit on their faces is astounding. They take it all in and just marvel at the newness of it all. So what do you think happens to us when we get older?

Somewhere along the way we lose that ability. We call it maturing as we begin to look at the world in more discerning and discriminating ways. We create labels for things as a way to determine what is “good” and what is “bad”. Our time is often spent assigning things to certain boxes which have these labels on the. It is a way to make the world safer and easier to understand, I believe.

     What if? 

What if we instead of creating labels we went back to how we used to be. Taking in all that we see and seeing it again as if it was the first time. Perhaps we have missed something. Perhaps we can see things and experience things in a new way. Would it be that difficult?

I ask this question because as I finished reading the book of Genesis this morning, I couldn’t help but marvel at Zaphenath-Paneah. He had to learn to look at things in a new way. He had to re-label stuff perhaps. He was given the ability to do things and see things differently. Even starting with his name, after all, we know Zaphenath-Paneah as Joseph, son of Jacob.

Joseph was a Jewish boy who was forced to see things differently. Forced to see his captors and jailers and real people not monsters. He was forced to see and understand new customs and culture and adopt them in some way as his own. He was forced to see the brothers who betrayed him as brothers that he loved. In every situation, he thrived. It must have been difficult.

I think he was only able to do it because of his foundation in God. Looking around and seeing the world differently and not as we are “supposed” to often takes courage and faith. It is a courage and faith based on God. Joseph understood that his God was bigger than any label or big he had known. It gave him freedom to look at the world in new ways.

So what labels or boxes is God challenging you to look at differently? Is your god big enough to handle that? Mine is!


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