Day 3 – Using God


Today’s Reading : Genesis 28:20 – Genesis 40:11

     It’s a funny thing watching people sometimes. We can justify almost anything it seems. If we want something bad enough or think we deserve something enough we have no problem at all doing whatever is necessary to get it. Is it any wonder we often find ourselves in the messes we are in?

     Jacob had a daughter named Dinah. Dinah’s story is one of several in the book of Genesis that just show up seemingly out of place and interrupt the narrative. However, these interruptions are often some of the most important stories in the Genesis. This one is no exception.

     For those who have not done the reading yet today, I won’t spoil the twists and the turns and if you are not reading along and simply want a refresher, here you go. I don’t want to focus on what happened to poop Dinah. Instead, as I was reading this morning I was struck by how her brothers responded.

     We learn as we continue reading Genesis this morning that they are a scheming lot to begin with and rather impulsive. We see a glimpse of that here. We see also how they use God, or their faith, to cause and violence. Their actions are sudden and lethal.

     Do you want to be one of the “GodUsers” or do you want to be used by God? It seems like a simple enough choice but history suggests it isn’t always that clear cut. If we strive to be used by God instead of being a “GodUser” we need to make time for God. We need to spend time in worship, prayer, fellowship, and mission.

     I think in many ways, it simply breaks down to my trust level. Do I trust God to be God or do I think God needs help doing the job?  If I trust God to be God it will then allow me to be me. The person created in the “imago dei.” I like the idea of me living out that image much better than me trying to recreate that image.

     Let’s allow God to use us today!


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