Day 2 – The Journey continues


Today’s Reading : Genesis 17:1 – Genesis 28:19

     God’s plans. Just the phrase can be an intimidating or even stifling thing to think about. Does God have everything mapped out? Do I have a choice? Is there any room for my will or my desires? These are things, that if we are honest, we all must struggle with.

     As I was reading through the scripture for this morning, I began to see it in another way. God has a plan for us, it is the plan that was revealed to Abraham and restated through each patriarch we encounter, “Be a blessing”(give a lift).  So if this is the plan God lays out for us, I believe we can see the room for our will and our desire.

     It starts with how we respond to God’s plan. Will be strive to find ways to give a lift to the world or will we simply focus in on ourselves. The patriarchs and matriarchs were not simply men and women who boldly followed God, we see glimpses of selfishness, anger, and deception. They often times chose to not lift up but instead repress others.

     Yet through it all we see God remaining steadfast. God pushes and calls us to see the world how God sees it. Will we turn our eyes to the need or turn them away and instead focus in on our own desires? As we continue this journey together I take comfort in the stumbling I see from many in the book of Genesis.

     See, I can relate. I don’t have it all together. I know some look at me and see “PASTOR” and have some thought that this means I have no struggles or pain. Perhaps some have decided to hold me to some higher standard. In the end, I am just a guy. A guy who has good intentions but often messes up. I need God’s grace just like everyone else.

     For me, this is not just the good news I find in the biblical story but the GOOD NEWS. The GOOD NEWS that God knows me and all my faults and loves me and has a great plan for me. God has that same great plan for you.

Ain’t that some GOOD NEWS!


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