Day 1 – It Begins


Today’s Reading : Genesis 1: Genesis 16:6

     Adam,Eve, Cain, Noah, Abram, Lot, and Sarai were journeyers. They left the land they knew and headed out to a different life. God’s call on their life sent them out to the unknown. As I sit here on January 1st, I begin my own journey. It is also unknown . I know what I want to do, after all I posted it on Facebook for all the world to see. The question for me becomes will I continue?

January 1st has become that date we have claimed in our culture as the day of new beginnings. Gyms will be packed and healthy cooking shows will be watched. We all have good intentions it seems. So how do you go from good intentions to good results? It is a question I ask myself often.

Perhaps the answer can be found by listening to the Winter Warlock. One foot, one chapter, one push up, one vegetable, one piece of fruit. Adam and Eve did it even after losing a son. Cain did it despite killing his brother. Noah and his family took that step despite what I am sure was scorn and mocking from others. Abram and Sarai went as well. Each seeking their own promised land.

So what will be my promised land this year? How about you? For me, I just want to be better. A better disciple, husband, father, friend, and oh yeah a pastor. So today my journey starts.

You want to come along for the ride?


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