Coffeebreak time, coffee optional



It seems funny perhaps to think about a coffee break after only being home from vacation for about a week. Yet as I sit in my office this morning that is exactly what is on my mind. Whether it is the aroma of a pound of coffee beans sitting on my desk (yum!) or the empty cup of coffee sitting right beside it, I am not certain. However, what I am certain of is this is something that we need to take seriously. Why? Because God says so.

Now sure, God doesn’t use the term coffee break at all he uses another word; Sabbath.  I have a limited amount of Greek and Hebrew training from seminary but the little that I do remember points me in this direction:

Sabbath = Coffee break

We need rest and we need  time to rejuvenate. This time apart is mandated by God not because he needs it but because we do. We need this time to remember what God has done and is continuing to do. We need this time to reconnect with family and friends. We need this time to reconnect with ourselves. 

 So whether you start your coffee break with a cup of coffee or not, you need to find time to start.  We need to remember that God was doing this creation and kingdom stuff long before we got here and was doing just fine. God will continue long after we are gone. The question is will be a part of what God has already deemed “very good” or will we work ourselves to death.

Take time and smell the coffee.


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