Home Improvement – Jesus Style

ImageWe spend a lot of time in the church moving around the furniture. We read design manuals (church growth books) and try to come up with new ways to “bring them in”. 

So last night I went back to the THE design manual (the Bible) and decided to see how Jesus did it. The thing I found was that some where along the way, we have really lost the way. I mean really lost the way.

I read the gospel story of Jesus as house remodeler, you know the one, and I see the one thing we have continually done wrong. Jesus didn’t worry about building up programs or buildings; he was focused on building up people.

Let’s take a look at that story again in Mark 2. Jesus had made a name for himself healing people and teaching them and basically just loving them. In fact, people were so energized but what was going on that as soon as he got back to Capernaum they flocked to come see him at the house he was staying in.

It was there that we see Jesus the home remodeler in action. There was a group of men who decided they just HAD to see Jesus. They knew that Jesus could heal their friend. The only problem was that there were so many people around they couldn’t get to Jesus. So what happened? Well they did a little remodeling.. They went up to the roof and ripped a hole in it and lowered their friend. Can you imagine Jesus sitting in a room teaching as mud and dirt and wood came tumbling all around him?

When is the last time that people burst down the doors to hear what we had to say and be a part of what was going on in our ministry and our churches? I think it is time for us to go back to the Jesus way of home remodeling. We need to go OUT into the world and heal, feed, teach, and love. Jesus is daring us to help remodel lives as he did and then stand back and watch what happens!