I vote for….

It is that time of year again. We hear them on the radio, we see them on the TV, and we see the signs on the lawns so it must be is election season. I find it more and more difficult to figure out who I am voting for in any particular election. We are told each year that this election is the “Election of the Century” or the “Most Important Election in our Lifetime”.

I do not know about that but here is what I do know, I am disappointed. I am disappointed in the candidates and I am disappointed in you and I am disappointed in me. What exactly have we done? What have we let happen to our country and our system? We spend so much time vilifying the “other” that we never spend any time looking at ourselves. We don’t look at the choices that we have made and the possible role that we have played in this mess.

In my opinion, politics and religion are SUPPOSED to be two areas in which people come together to make the community a better place and to do all that is needed to change the world. I got to tell you that way to often that is way to far from the truth at least in my own experience. More often than not we have failed in that regard.

I think it is time that we hold our leaders accountable. I know that some of you might be shaking your partisan heads right now and saying “exactly!”. However, I would like to suggest that when we start searching for accountability in our leaders let’s start right at home.

Let’s look in the mirror and make sure that we are living lives that are making an impact. Let’s take a moment and answer these questions each day:

What one thing can I do today to help someone else?

What one thing can I do today to help myself?

It really can be that simple. For Christians, answering these two questions keeps you in tune with the Words of Jesus who commanded us to “love our neighbors as ourselves”. If you are not Christian that does not get you off the hook. Answering these two questions will continually keep you focused on how you can make a difference instead of how others are messing up.

So back to election day.

I vote for







Behind every corner

Last night we went to “Terror behind the Walls” at the Eastern State Penitentiary. For those that do not know it is a “Haunted House” behind the walls of the closed down prison. I am not much of a Haunted house fan so I went begrudgingly. There were six of us who went. I was the last one in our group so as we turned each dark corner I had an advantage. I got to see what the others were experiencing ahead of me and I could also keep an eye out for things coming from behind us.

Watching the others flail around and scream prepared me for whatever might be in front of us. I think we often discount those that have gone before us. If we are wise we would use their experience both positive and negative to help aid us in our journey. I have learned a lot in the last 10 years of ministry about the value of experience.

The key is to be able to identify what experience is good and what is bad. I also believe that it is vital for us not to be slaves to the past. I choose on many occasions last night to take a different path than those that went before me because I could see where the trouble was.

As a church, and a society, we tend to fall into two groups; the first are those that are slaves to the past and the second are those that totally disregard the past.

I would suggest that we be people of a Third Way. The way where we look at and understand our past and use it as a tool to help chart our journey. In this way we are neither solely dependent on the past nor will we be totally dismissive of it either.

There is adventure around every corner, how will you approach it today?