Supporting each other

You have heard the expression, steady as a rock? Well how about steady as a sling?

For the last 4 days I have been walking around with a sling on my arm. I had a minor little procedure done to my wrist and the doctor wanted me to have the sling to support my arm/wrist. I have been trying to maneuver through my life the last couple of days and it has not been easy.

Every day things like washing my hair and brushing my teeth are now major projects. I feel helpless at times and I am growing increasingly frustrated with asking for help for the simplest of things. Yet through it all the sling remains.

The sling is there doing its job no matter how much or how little pain I am experiencing. It stays on my shoulder supporting my wrist even when I have forgotten it is there. The sling has remained there when I am in a bad mood or even when I am at my sarcastic “best”. Why? Simple, because that is what slings do.

It is really a reminder to me of how the church is supposed to be. In the community supporting those who need supporting no matter what. No matter what the circumstances people are in: rich or poor/ sick or well/ young or old/gay or straight/ black or white/ Christian or Muslim/ Atheist or Agnostic…

We are called to be the tellers of the greatest story and we are called to live that story out each day. Accomplishing this means that we need to GO! Go out into the world and shine light and hope into a world that so desperately needs it. We are not called to evaluate who is in and who is out and whether it is “worth” our time. Let’s let Jesus worry about the details and let us simply be faithful to the call.

Steady as a sling!


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