So tell me why?

When our boys were younger it seems as if every night we would get barraged with the “why” questions. No matter what we were discussing our telling them to do the first response from them would be, “Why?”. I understand that all children go through that phrase but as I sit in the office this afternoon, I am asking the same thing.

I am reading the story of God and the burning bush. For my whole life I think I have known and referred to the story as Moses and the burning bush. however, I think that misses the point. This is really not a story about Moses at all (well not really), instead it is about God and what God is doing.

God was doing then what God does all the time; transformation. This burning bush in the midst of the desert was being transformed into holy ground. It wasn’t holy because  the bush was special and it sure wasn’t holy because Moses was so special. It was a holy place because God was working there.

I think this is the message for us as the church… we are not a tabernacle people…our God is not confined to a place, be it a temple or a church sanctuary. There is no dividing line between secular and religious…it all belongs to God and it is all good and holy or it has the potential to be.

So take off your shoes and be bold enough to ask why things have to be the way they are….

Find out where God is working and go join up. There is a whole lot of holy out there we just have to open our eyes up enough to see it.



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