No Rest for who?

Image We all know the saying “No rest for the wicked”. i would like to suggest that instead of no rest for the wicked we need to reclaim that for the church. It seems to me that it should be our marching orders, there is no rest for the people of God.

Everywhere we look there are people broken. The brokenness could take many forms; abuse, poverty, violence, sickness, spiritual emptiness, etc. The reality is that no matter what the brokenness stems from restoration can be found within the people of God.

When the church is being a place where radical hospitality happens, wholeness flourishes. When the church is a place where vibrant worship happens, restoration is present. When the church is the place where people can grow in their walk with Christ, healing happens. When the church is a place that people can share their faith not simply with word but in risk taking service to others, true community is found.

See the world is filled with people in need of the Word we share, So why sit around whining about how unfair life is or how rough it is. Let’s go show people what real love looks like. 

Let’s go change the world through the power of the Holy Spirit!


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