Island living

No man is an island this is very true..however we need to remember that John Wesley had the same view of religion and the church.  Wesley believed that faith is a personal thing but could never be a private thing. We are not in this thing alone. We have just finished up a fantastic week of Vacation Bible School and at the end of the week I was exhausted. However I was simply one of many people who felt the same way. It was a fantastic team effort. Our goal every day was to keep our focus on Jesus.

When your focus is on Jesus it is impossible to be people who live out on an island isolated from the world. You realize that Jesus has pushed us out to a people who desperately need to feel hope and peace. There is an ongoing debate in religious scholarship about who Jesus was referring to in his parable about the sheep and the goats.  I don’t think there is much of a debate needed. I think Jesus makes it clear throughout his ministry that we are called to reach out to all nations and to all people. So with that in mind, I gotta ask…..

Who are you focused on today?




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