It’s Here!

 I sit in the office this morning and I am reminded of the Steve Martin movie, “The Jerk”. The most memorable scene in the movie to me is when the phone book finally comes out and he finds his name in it. He runs around screaming and yelling because in his mind this is the ultimate moment. He is an adult, it must be true, it’s in the phone book. The scene that follows is hilarious but HOPEFULLY has no further connection to my feelings today.

It has been a few months now of prayer, preparation, meetings(yuck), and packing and finally the moment is here. Today, I will stand before the First UMC in Glassboro and together we will officially we will begin our journey together.In so many ways this is like coming home, it is an area I am vary familiar with and in many other ways it is a strange new land.

Ginny asked me last night if I was nervous, I didn’t think so then and I don’t think so now. A lot of feelings are floating around but the main one is anticipation. Together we are about to set out on a journey to see where God is already moving and see how we, as followers of Jesus, can join in.

Should be exciting!


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