So tell me why?

When our boys were younger it seems as if every night we would get barraged with the “why” questions. No matter what we were discussing our telling them to do the first response from them would be, “Why?”. I understand that all children go through that phrase but as I sit in the office this afternoon, I am asking the same thing.

I am reading the story of God and the burning bush. For my whole life I think I have known and referred to the story as Moses and the burning bush. however, I think that misses the point. This is really not a story about Moses at all (well not really), instead it is about God and what God is doing.

God was doing then what God does all the time; transformation. This burning bush in the midst of the desert was being transformed into holy ground. It wasn’t holy because  the bush was special and it sure wasn’t holy because Moses was so special. It was a holy place because God was working there.

I think this is the message for us as the church… we are not a tabernacle people…our God is not confined to a place, be it a temple or a church sanctuary. There is no dividing line between secular and religious…it all belongs to God and it is all good and holy or it has the potential to be.

So take off your shoes and be bold enough to ask why things have to be the way they are….

Find out where God is working and go join up. There is a whole lot of holy out there we just have to open our eyes up enough to see it.



No Rest for who?

Image We all know the saying “No rest for the wicked”. i would like to suggest that instead of no rest for the wicked we need to reclaim that for the church. It seems to me that it should be our marching orders, there is no rest for the people of God.

Everywhere we look there are people broken. The brokenness could take many forms; abuse, poverty, violence, sickness, spiritual emptiness, etc. The reality is that no matter what the brokenness stems from restoration can be found within the people of God.

When the church is being a place where radical hospitality happens, wholeness flourishes. When the church is a place where vibrant worship happens, restoration is present. When the church is the place where people can grow in their walk with Christ, healing happens. When the church is a place that people can share their faith not simply with word but in risk taking service to others, true community is found.

See the world is filled with people in need of the Word we share, So why sit around whining about how unfair life is or how rough it is. Let’s go show people what real love looks like. 

Let’s go change the world through the power of the Holy Spirit!

Island living

No man is an island this is very true..however we need to remember that John Wesley had the same view of religion and the church.  Wesley believed that faith is a personal thing but could never be a private thing. We are not in this thing alone. We have just finished up a fantastic week of Vacation Bible School and at the end of the week I was exhausted. However I was simply one of many people who felt the same way. It was a fantastic team effort. Our goal every day was to keep our focus on Jesus.

When your focus is on Jesus it is impossible to be people who live out on an island isolated from the world. You realize that Jesus has pushed us out to a people who desperately need to feel hope and peace. There is an ongoing debate in religious scholarship about who Jesus was referring to in his parable about the sheep and the goats.  I don’t think there is much of a debate needed. I think Jesus makes it clear throughout his ministry that we are called to reach out to all nations and to all people. So with that in mind, I gotta ask…..

Who are you focused on today?



How did they do it?

I often wonder how they did it “way back when”. Honestly how did my granny make her famous apple pie without the “My Lil pie maker”? How was it possible for Pop to grow tomatoes without the “Topsy-Turvy Tomato Planter”? I mean c’mon! How was it possible to survive without all the cool gadgets you can find on “As Seen on TV”?

If there was any doubt, and there shouldn’t be, that we live in an age of excess simply go to and take a look around. There are more gadgets than you could possibly even begin to look at. What has happened to us? Have we become so busy and so distracted in our lives that we need gadgets to save us 10 seconds here and 10 seconds there.

In 1976 there were about 9,000 items in a normal supermarket today there are over 30,000. Has the world changed so much that we need all this extra stuff.  I am guilty of gadget obsession as well…whether it is my Ipad or Iphone  I am always using some type of gadget. So perhaps it’s time for each of us to do an evaluation of sorts.

Where can we cut back?

What can we put down for the day?

When can we have a “gadget blackout”?

We live in a world where we are always connected to each other but would it be such a bad thing to get in the car and turn off our cell phone? Would the world end if we got home and did not log on to “see what’s happening on Facebook” ?

We have made our lives so busy and so filled with stuff that perhaps we are missing out on what’s really important….




You can’t get that stuff on




It’s Here!

 I sit in the office this morning and I am reminded of the Steve Martin movie, “The Jerk”. The most memorable scene in the movie to me is when the phone book finally comes out and he finds his name in it. He runs around screaming and yelling because in his mind this is the ultimate moment. He is an adult, it must be true, it’s in the phone book. The scene that follows is hilarious but HOPEFULLY has no further connection to my feelings today.

It has been a few months now of prayer, preparation, meetings(yuck), and packing and finally the moment is here. Today, I will stand before the First UMC in Glassboro and together we will officially we will begin our journey together.In so many ways this is like coming home, it is an area I am vary familiar with and in many other ways it is a strange new land.

Ginny asked me last night if I was nervous, I didn’t think so then and I don’t think so now. A lot of feelings are floating around but the main one is anticipation. Together we are about to set out on a journey to see where God is already moving and see how we, as followers of Jesus, can join in.

Should be exciting!