Sunday is Coming!

Sunday is coming! Often when I say this in church it is in reference to Easter Sunday. The thought that no matter how dark it gets on Good Friday, Easter is right round the corner. However, as I think about the reality of that phrase it means something else today. As i sit here this morning it simply means that this Sunday that is coming is my last one as the pastor of West Grove Memorial. It means that this Sunday is the last time that I will walk to the front of the sanctuary and deliver a message to that gathering of saints.

I guess it is finally starting to hit home. I have been looking at boxes strewn across my house for weeks now and even that did not make it real. I guess because there was always more left: more meetings, more visits, and more sermons. Now there are very few “mores” left.

So today as I sit here I pray that this weekend filled with activities and worship and other things will be a powerful time for all of us. Actually there is no doubt that will be the case. There is a movement of the Spirit happening. The people of God are moving and making a difference in their community and the power is present.

Someone told me at my luncheon on Sunday that I need to relax and be calm. He worries about me and doesn’t want to “read about me” in the paper one day. I assume he met in the obituaries! Well I accepted those words and I understand them but the reality is that my spirit is calm but I have such great news to share with the world that I can’t sit still.

Friends, Sunday is coming that much is true. However, just like every Sunday it is not about me or about you. This Sunday is about the empty tomb.

Jesus is Alive!


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