Live, Love, Laugh…and eat ice cream

Last night Ginny and I drove to Boston to say goodbye to her grandmother. It was a long way to go for a funeral but it was worth it. We talked on the way about family and what to expect. I spent some time trying to calm her nerves down about what to expect.

In the end, although it was a sad day I am so glad that we went. I think in some small way perhaps the trip helped bring peace in some areas that really needed it. I also am so thankful that I was there to hear some more stories of Ginny’s grandmother.

I had to catch myself a few times and remember who we were talking about because Ginny’s grandmother is also named Virginia(her husband called her Reds) but that is sure not where the similarities end.

I heard how “Reds” was someone who always looked after those she loved and cared for. She was a woman who was not too concerned about material things but instead was a woman who valued family and friends.

She was a wife who took care of her husband and children. She helped and encouraged them in so many ways. I was reminded of where my wife gets those traits.
In case, I forgot however at the end I was reminded how much “Reds” loved a good bowl of ice cream to end the day. Hearing that all I could do was laugh.

I remember the first time that Ginny gave Kyle a taste of ice cream. He was still so young and I “questioned” her sanity. Sh just looked at me with all sincerity and told me that ice cream was good for you! Ginny’s love affair with ice cream now makes so much sense. It was one of the lasting gifts that “Reds” gave to her.

So today we raise our spoons as a tribute to a great woman.

“Job well done”



One thought on “Live, Love, Laugh…and eat ice cream

  1. The Wandering Photographer says:

    Larry – this was a great tribute to Ginny’s grandmother. It also brought back a lot of fond childhood memories. My grandmother’s sister was the biggest ice cream lover that I know and she made me a big fan. I think ice cream should be it’s own food group. We would spend 2 weeks every summer with my great-aunt and every night we would have ice cream while watching television. She had an old chest freezer with 4 (or 5) compartments and one of them was for ice cream of all kinds. – Joe

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