I have been reading though the Bible recently. I started in Genesis and am making my way through a few chapters a day. I have found myself in Numbers these past few days and I have to tell you it is rough reading.

I am reading about Moses sending his people out and killing all the inhabitants of a particular land. I had to re-read some of it today to make sure I was not making a mistake in what I was reading. As I read through it again I could not help but remember the words of my Old Testament professors Grant and Ward as they talked abut how they viewed the Old Testament. They talked about reading it back through the lens of the cross. It was an idea they had learned from Dr. Thomas McDaniel.

When I first heard the idea, I did not like it at all. It seemed as if it was wishful thinking and a way to try to water down the bible and its message. However over the years I have begun to look at it a little differently. While I would never be so bold to say I know God completely I do believe I have a better understanding of God now as opposed to 10 years ago.

The God that I worship values life of all kinds. The price of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, to me, proves just how much God values life and loves us. With that in mind I find it particularly tough to wrestle with the Old Testament passages.
I have heard people that I know talk about “hearing” God and I have heard stories about other people who have heard from God.

We have heard the tragic stories of parents killing their children because God “told” them to do it.
No right thinking person believes that.

I think we need to really be careful when we throw around the idea of hearing from God especially when it is seemingly opposed to what we know about God in the form of Jesus Christ. Jesus was the example to us of the character and morality and values of God.

I am not sure where this struggle will eventually take me in my journey with God, I just know that I need to read more and study more and pray more. I need to spend more time in the word of God.

Recently I had an online conversation of sorts about the inerrancy of scripture. It was a challenge to me and I had to search within myself to understand more fully what I thought that phrase really meant.

Again, I find myself in a struggle, how does the inerrancy of scripture fit in with looking at the bible through the lens of the cross?

Today, I do not know but I can’t wait to see what God has to show me next!


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