I am sitting in the airport in Orlando waiting to come home.  The flight has been delayed about an hour.  I assume it could be longer or perhaps shorter. In the end it really doesn’t matter the end result is I will be waiting.

Waiting is something I do a lot of actually, we all do.  We wait for a return call or a text message or perhaps an email.  We wait until our work day is over or until vacation begins. We wait until our old is over and our new one begins. We  wait for the love of our life or for the perfect house or car or opportunity.

As I sit here waiting with all these people I can’t help but think of God. How long has God waited on me? Waited on me to listen or serve or to love or perhaps pray.  How long has God waited for me to way that I know is the right thing, the God thing?

I have been blessed in so many ways. It seems as if any reasonable person would look for ways daily to thank God. How long has God been waiting for me to live like I am blessed?

I gotta tell you waiting stinks.

I am gonna do better starting tomorrow, I mean now!



One thought on “Waiting…..

  1. Jack/Lori says:

    Pastor Larry ~
    This is a comment, not just on “Waiting”. Every one of your Ramblings could be a sermon. Such thoughtful, meaningful Ramblings. Worth reading again. Thank you.
    Lorianne Eck

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